In-Seam Pocket Sewing Pattern

A handy in-seam pocket pattern to add pockets to skirts, dresses and pants (either store bought or handmade) that don’t already come with pockets.  This pattern includes a printable pattern for you to cut and make your own pockets, as well as step by step instructions with photos on how to make them.

You can use this pattern to add in-seam pockets to your existing skirt or dress, as long as: 

  • Your garment has side seams when you want your pockets to go

  • There’s no gathering or other sewing details where you need to add the pockets

  • Fabric: 8” x 18” cotton or cotton blend that matches your garment fabric
  • Tools: Seam Ripper, Scissors, Pin, Tape Measure, Chalk, Thread
  • Basic sewing machine straight stitching

Free pocket sewing pattern
How to add pockets to skirts

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