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Say goodbye to expensive sewing with my 25+ tips to get your sewing supplies at a fraction of the cost so you can make more stuff for less. And feel proud you’re conserving environmental resources.

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  • and tips to save you money and have a zero-waste sewing room

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Sewing on a budget
Save and sew guide

Sewing Sustainability + Savings

  • Do you love sewing but find you’re spending way too much on fabric and supplies?

  • Are you looking for ways to make sewing more affordable?

  • Do you want to be more organized, purposeful and sustainable in your sewing, so that you’re truly making things you love and use?

If so, you aren’t alone. Even though you would think slow fashion and making your own clothes would be cheaper, it all adds up, and we end up buying so many expensive fabrics and materials.

What if you could re-think how you sew +  the sources of your materials, and get eco friendly sewing project ideas that end up saving you money and are more sustainable for the environment?

What’s In The Sewing Savings Guide

My 18 page Guide to Saving Money While Sewing Sustainably is completely free.

I am obsessed with cutting costs and sewing on a budget, and have used these strategies for myself over the years. I also hate wasting any materials and am always coming up with ways to repurpose stuff I already have, and find useful ways to use up every scrap of material in my craft room. I’ve pulled all of that knowledge together into a guide + gathered some ideas from other sources so that you can save money on your sewing projects too!

Here’s what’s in the guide:

  • Practical ideas of where to sustainably source your fabric for cheap

  • Outside-of-the-box ways to look for supplies right under your nose

  • Unconventional materials and unique project ideas

  • My favorite sources for getting inspiring fashionable sewing ideas

  • Endless ideas of how to have a zero-waste sewing room

  • Creative project ideas + tutorials for your wardrobe and home

  • Techniques + sources to change your mindset to sew more purposefully and plan your makes thoughtfully

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