Learn to Crochet: Day 5

Our Last Lesson

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Welcome back to Day 5, our final lesson. Today is a little bit of a longer session to cover a few more bonus stitches, and to talk about an important step: getting gauge. And that will be a wrap for this course. I’m so happy you made it to the end of the course, and can’t wait to see what you create. And if you are looking for your next project, make sure to check out my crochet patterns. See you in lesson 5!

What We’ll Cover Today

  • Working in the round

  • 2 ways of starting off in the round (including magic loop)

  • Slip stitch to join a round

  • Crochet through the back or front loop only

  • Understanding gauge and making a swatch

Today’s Video Lesson: Day 5

🎉 That’s it for today’s crochet lesson! I want to make this course as useful as possible for you. Could you answer 3 quick questions about today’s lesson? THANK YOU so much.