Why Add A Snap To Fabric?

Adding a snap closure is an easy no-sew way alternative to a button. A snap is added with special snap hardware with a few easy steps. Unlike a buttonhole, there’s no sewing required. And it’s a sturdy way to keep things closed. Use it on garments like jackets, shirts and pants. Or on accessories like coin purses, tote bags or wallets.

DIY Snap Tutorial

Materials for snap closure

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  • Snap hardware (2 prongs, a socket and a stud)
  • Hammer
  • Old spool of thread
Press snap into fabric

Step 2: Place Prong On Top

On the right side of the fabric you want to be facing out, press a prong into the fabric in your desired snap placement.

How to add a snap

Step 3: Press It In

Press the prong all the way through the fabric until you can see the prongs on the underside of the fabric.

Position snap socket

Step 4: Place Socket on Underside

On the underside of the fabric, directly opposite of the prong, place the socket over the prong spikes. Make sure you place the socket right side up — where the prongs fit neatly into the rim of the socket.

Hammer snap into place

Step 5: Hammer in Place

Make sure you’re on a padded surface (like a towel). Using an old spool of thread as buffer, place it over the socket and hammer firmly until the prongs open up within the socket.

Position second prong

Step 6: Place Second Prong

Using the first socket, mark your placement of the bottom snap. Press your second prong through the fabric (from the inside out). Position the stud on top of the prongs. Make sure the stud is facing up.

Hammer second snap

Step 7: Hammer Second Snap

Hammer second prong/stud into place. You’re done!

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