What is Quilted Fabric Used For?

This sewing tutorial will show you how to make your own quilted fabric. This can be handy when you’re making things like hot pads, pot holders or ovenmitts and you need a lush quilted fabric to give you padding. For quilted fabric, you layer cotton batting in between 2 layers of any cotton fabric and stitch them together. Making your own quilted fabric opens up your fabric possibilities if you’re working with a pattern that calls for it, so you aren’t limited to the selection of pre-quilted fabrics.

Quilted Fabric Tutorial

Materials needed to make quilted fabric

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

You’ll need:

  • Fabric: Main and Backing
  • Batting
  • Ruler (clear works the best)
  • Marking pen, pencil or chalk
  • Scissors
  • Safety Pins
Pattern for quilted fabric

Step 2: Draw Your Lines

Use your clear ruler to draw a set of lines at a 45 degree angle from the corner of your main fabric, on the right side of your fabric. I spaced mine about 1” apart, but look at your batting to see the recommended width between quilting. Then draw perpendicular lines to your first set, with the same width spacing.

Layer batting for quilted fabric

Step 3: Layer Your Batting & Fabric

Next, layer your fabric and batting to make a quilt sandwich. The backing fabric goes on the bottom (right side down), then the batting, and the main fabric on top, right side up. You should be able to see the lines you just drew on your top fabric. Pin all layers together with safety pins.

Stitch lines for quilted fabric

Step 4: Stitch First Set of Lines

Stitch along one set of lines, using a slightly longer stitch length (3mm or setting 3) to reduce any puckering.

Stitch cross lines for quilted fabric

Step 5: Stitch Perpendicular Lines

Next, stitch along your second set of lines, perpendicular to the first, creating a diamond pattern. You’re done!

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