Minimalist Wallet Pattern


This super simple wallet pattern is a sleek and modern. It’s made from unconventional materials, and doesn’t follow the rules of your normal sewing pattern. The edges are left unfinished, so make sure you have a material source in mind that works with this pattern. This opens up the possibilities of using a whole array of ‘fabrics’ that you never thought you could before! Included in the simple wallet sewing pattern is a list of suggested fabrics, and lots of ideas for you to think creatively about your new wallet designs.


Minimalist Wallet Pattern Details

This is not your typical sewing pattern! It doesn’t use regular fabric — you want to use something that doesn’t fray.  That means it’s perfect for leather (or a leather substitute). Or you can get creative. We’ve got lots of ideas below of what to make your “fabric” out of.

Also, you only need to make THREE STITCHES to make this entire wallet.  It’s such a unique design, and it’s constructed in a way so that you use a minimal amount of fabric, and is cleverly folded to reduce bulk. And the result is an incredibly easy project that only requires you to make 3 little stitches to finish this minimalist wallet.

The pattern you’ll receive includes simple and easy step-by-step instructions, with pictures for each step, diagrams, and sewing tips. The pattern has been thoughtfully and carefully created, with all skill levels in mind, and thoroughly tested to make sure it’s easy to understand.

  • Wallet measures 3.75″ wide x 2.75″ tall
  • Wallet has one pocket for cards and one for cash
  • Pattern includes detailed step-by-step instructions with pictures
  • Sewing skill level: Beginner
  • Piece of “fabric” that is at least 9″ x 12″
  • Thread, scissors, pins, sewing machine
  • Home printer, paper, ruler and tape

The “fabric” for this wallet isn’t your typical kind. You’ll need something that has edges that won’t fray, and doesn’t need finishing. Here are some ideas: leather or suede; stiff felt or vinyl, oilcloth; an old raincoat, tablecloth or purse; repurposed hard plastic bags (the dollar store has lovely printed ones); or you can laminate any paper like an old map of your favorite city, fun wrapping paper, kraft paper or wallpaper.

  • Sewing machine straight stitch

Digital Printable PDF Patterns

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Never lose your pattern or worry about cutting your original pieces again. With our digital printable patterns, you can reprint another pattern as often as you like. You can download the pattern immediately after purchase and get started on your project within minutes!

  • Reprint your pattern as often as you like

  • Print on your home printer on Letter or A4 size paper

  • Available immediately, before you even finish your coffee


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